Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bargin Basement Bikini Shoot!

When it comes to a bikini photo shoot, just about
anywhere is good; Take this basement for example: 
at first glance, it's kind of a drab with all those pipes,
freezer and that old carpet on the wall - not exactly 
the ideal setting for photography; But, when you add
the Bodacious Nikki Kay in an EXTREMELY SEXY
Leopard Rio Thong Bikini w/Goldenrod Trim and
SWEET Black High Heels; NOW... your old below 
ground space has become that HOT SPOT where
bikini magic can be captured forever; Remember,
all you need is a bikini babe, a basement & a camera
and let the fun begin! Courtesy of: West Coast Bikini
& Boston Pro Modeling.

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