Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Sexy Bikini Babes of Cyrodiil: Dharla!

Here we are in the Digital Realm of Cyrodiil once again...
treating you to the SINFULLY SEXY Bikini Babes this 
virtual world has to offer; Today's Babe is the Digitally 
Delightful Dharla wearing a pair of EXTREMELY SEXY
Micro Bikinis; One a VERY WARM Amber w/Black Trim
during the day and latter on in the evening a at local tavern,
a SHIMMERING Metallic w/SWEET Black Leather Gloves
& Thigh High Boots; Plus, we also have her in a variety of
outfits, including a soft Misty Pink Bikini as she keeps 
herself in shape; So come down Cyrodiil for awhile and
let Dharla show you a great time... cause Dharla's ALL
ABOUT HAVING FUN! Courtesy of: Eddie's Place.

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