Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Sexy Bikini Babes of Cyrodiil: Tirana!

CYRODIIL TONIGHT! Here in the fiery underworld of 
Oblivion, there is one HOTTIE who sets souls ABLAZE 
and commands BOTH mortals & demons alike! SHE IS
the Head-Turning Tirana: Queen of Oblivion, with her
Fiery Red Hair & Dark, Mysterious Eyes; Making her
presence know with a SHIMMERINGLY SEXY White
Lace Top w/Matching G-String & White Heels and a
nice Garter; Then she really has the demons dancin'
with an EXTREMELY SEXY Red Metallic Micro Bikini
w/Black Trim along with a SWEET pair of Black Leather 
Gloves & Thigh High Boots; BUT WAIT... Tirana finishes
with a SENSUOUSLY SEARING performance wearing an
INCREDIBLY SEXY Red "Skin" Micro Bikini along with 
a SWEET pair of Matching Red Leather Gloves & Thigh
High Boots; To quote KISS: Tirana's "HOT, HOT, HOTTER 
THAN HELL"! Courtesy of: Eddie's Place.

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